QBE House

QBE House formerly known as Mt Newman House at 200 St Georges Terrace Perth is over forty years old. The building is a twenty-story building with the main air-conditioning plant located on the top two floors.

Chevron - Dynons Plaza

Chevron committed to a long lease over the whole of the building at 905 Hay Street, Perth in 2007. The lease and base building air conditioning were already installed. However, Chevron required that a significant level of tenant works in the tenancy were required notably to provide supplementary air conditioning to the meeting and conference rooms.

553 Hay Street

553 Hay Street, Perth was constructed in approximately 1986 and had air-cooled chillers installed. These failed resulting in building conditions not meeting operating requirements.

46 Colin Street

46 Colin Street, West Perth was constructed in approximately 1986 and had an air-cooled chiller and older Alerton control system that had a Tridium overlay. Both had multiple upgrades and did not operate to expectation. The system was at the end of its life.