AMS work closely with many local builders, consultants, suppliers and contractors on the design, procurement and project management of mechanical services installations including air conditioning, exhaust systems, chillers, cooling towers and other plant room mechanical systems.


AMS have been in the HVAC industry for more than 15 years and have successfully completed small to large scale commercial installation projects within the Perth Metropolitan areas and regional areas of Western Australia, including greenfield-style installations to existing installation refurbishment projects.


Long standing relationships with all suppliers and subcontractors allows AMS to meet all production targets successfully. Additionally, AMS’s broad employee base enable the majority of labour resources to be sourced in-house which in turn allows all work to be completed within a timely manner.


We are a continually growing company and our extensive knowledge of the HVAC industry allow the completion of all projects without compromising on the requirements that our customers and clients expect of us, which is to provide efficient and cost effective solutions with minimal interruptions to service and operations.

The operation of a tenant's offices is critical to its operation and future success. Systems that do not function correctly will affect the working conditions for staff, potentially lead to complainant and reduced employee efficiency; costing business and revenue profits. AMS works with interior designers, engineers and fitout contractors to ensure system design is both efficient and functional; can adapt to the future changing needs of customers as tenancy design evolves and changes over time in a cost-effective manner.

Tenancy works can be undertaken in the traditional manner as part of a larger team. An alternative method is direct design and construct method where AMS undertakes the total design, construction, project management, commissioning and handover of the mechanical systems in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Installations can include typical mechanical system for a general office environment, cool rooms, deep freezers, temperature-controlled computer rooms, data centres or control rooms. More specialised installations such as additional outdoor air supply or ancillary cooling units are readily achievable. 

AMS continues to grow and evolve as the fitout industry changes and the needs of customers change through improvements in technology and changing practices. We allow the completion of all fit out projects to the highest technical level, on time and in an efficient and cost-effective manner without compromising on the requirements and expectation of clients and customers.