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553 Hay Street


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200 St Georges Terrace, Perth, Western Australia


I need information


September 20, 2017

553 Hay Street, Perth was constructed in approximately 1986 and had air-cooled chillers installed. These failed resulting in building conditions not meeting operating requirements.

The owners determined to replace these due to tenant complaints and upgrade the central plants. This involved the replacement of the chillers that were ACC Luke with evaporative pad Powerpax chillers ("EP"). The Powerpax chillers failed prematurely and a decision was then made to replace them with a new and improved design Smardt chillers jointly by all parties. 

Works to replace the chillers were undertaken over the course of the weekend. AMS technicians attended the building early Saturday and completely disconnected these. The new chillers and a crane attended the site later that day and lifted the old chillers of and the new ones into position. The technicians spent Sunday connecting all the plumbing pipework and electrical connections.

The building operated to expectations and fully automatically on the following morning. The benefits were that the plant was far more efficient with immediate energy savings and an improved NABERS rating. The plant was easier to control and more responsive and the approximate full life expectancy of the plant was fully restored. Conditions in the building returned to expectations and met the design requirements.

This is an example of both AMS and Smardt taking a proactive response to a joint problem. Smardt modified the designs of the EP chillers and AMS installed for the client in a time frame that met with the client's commitments. 

The owners and managers have confirmed to upgrade the air conditioning plant on an ongoing, floor by floor basis.

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