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Chevron committed to a long lease over the whole of the building at 905 Hay Street, Perth in 2007. The lease and base building air conditioning were already installed. However, Chevron required that a significant level of tenant works in the tenancy were required notably to provide supplementary air conditioning to the meeting and conference rooms.

Chevron determined to hold a design competition to resolve an efficient and green supplementary systems. AMS, in collaboration with ATA Engineering, designed and submitted. It was based on a hydrocarbon secondary gas system that was a standalone green system that met Chevron's requirements for a novel, green and efficient system. The designs AMS and ATA developed was a cutting-edge system that had not previously been ever  installed to this scale anywhere in Australia. Both AMS and ATA were awarded the design and installation of the new system. The design proved to be efficient and improved both the Green and NABERS rating for the building.

Works centred around a gas fire Variable Refrigerated Flow ("VRF") distribution systems utilising a Yanmar gas chiller. This was approved by the client and installed by AMS. The installation was undertaken as a part of the overall fitout and was completed on time and on budget. While this configuration and scale has never been replicated in Australia, several reduced scale variations of the system have been installed in both CBD and remote locations. AMS maintained the system for the total operational life of the lease.​

Chevron received industry accolades for the novel design and ATA Engineering won an award for the design.


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200 St Georges Terrace, Perth, Western Australia


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September 20, 2017
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