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With such diversity in our technical knowledge, we are able to accommodate and provide the appropriate team to undertake all mechanical services works.

To ensure the success of projects and satisfy all customer requirements, we have an innovative but practical approach in the operational and maintenance methodology which we consider necessary in the successful delivery of sustained, predictive operational and maintenance outcomes.

All AMS technicians are fully trained in effective NABERS management which offers AMS clients the comfort and support that maintenance is being undertaken to the highest and most energy-efficient standard. We utilise an advanced asset management recording system and bar coding technology to track all plant items details and history. Additionally, all maintenance is undertaken in accordance with the AIRAH technical handbook DA 19, sections 6 and 7.

The key elements of this approach include:

— Each property is routinely managed by a dedicated trained technician with two other trained backup technicians;

— Dedicated support and response team that are able to act on any emergency situations and satisfy any site specific requirements;

— Technical representatives have extensive knowledge in all aspects of maintenance management of properties;

— Maintenance representatives have extensive knowledge of mechanical service systems;

— Innovative service and maintenance methodologies based on health, safety, environmental and risk management;

— Promotion of and desire to meet and exceed environmental standards.

Our project management system allows AMS to not only reduce its reliance on paper driven reporting, but also enable us to provide our clients with improved management tools that deliver prompt and reliable service.


In addition, AMS will set up an automated asset management system for the properties that will readily enable the tracking of each asset by type, service history and service levels. Such system has already been deployed in our other portfolios that have seen an improved level of management for each asset being maintained and also gives us record of events being carried out.

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