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Our COVID 19 Response

The purpose of this action plan is to limit the potential of adverse health effects from Coronavirus (COVID-19) to our staff, customers and all those we come into contact with while ensuring continuity of service to our clients.


Managing Director

Responsible for the communication and monitoring of the performance of this action plan.


All Staff

COVID-19 Overview

How does the virus spread?

The virus is spread from person to person by respiratory secretions in three ways:

  1. Through spread of droplets from one person to another (coughing, sneezing);

  2. By touching objects that are contaminated by respiratory secretions and then touching the mouth, eyes or nose; and

  3. Through the spread of particles in the air in crowded populations in enclosed spaces.


How long do symptoms take to develop and how long do they last?

How is COVID-19 treated?

Reducing risk of infection

Workplace Hygiene

Cleaning regimes for all offices, food consumption and common areas are to be reviewed with regards to frequency and nature of cleaning practices. Food preparation and consumption areas such as tables, bench-tops, appliances etc. are to be regularly wiped down with the use of food-safe antibacterial cleaning products.

Moreover, beginning 11th March 2020, team members who are working at the office will also be required to daily wipe down and/or disinfect their workstations, frequently touched items, hard surfaces such as desks, armrests, keyboards, mouse, phones, mobile devices, monitors, tablets, chairs etc.

AMS have made available alcohol-based hand santisers and anti-bacterial wipes all around the office and and workshop. All team members are to make full use of these before beginning work for the day and right before exiting the office at the end of the day. Site staff have been provided with protective masks, gloves, safety glasses, disposable coveralls and hand sanitisers for use while on site.

Business Continuity

To ensure we minimise the impact of COVID-19, the following information has been provided and measures are in place to ensure we can continue to provide high level service to our clients.

Personal health and well-being

For the health and well-being of yourself and others, we request that any employees displaying cold or flu-like symptoms to:



Managing Issues

Government Vaccination Mandates

The WA State Government legislation requires anybody working in Category 2 industries and occupations have their first COVID-19 vaccination by December 31, 2021, their second vaccination by January 31, 2022 and a third booster vaccination within the prescribed time since the second dose.

There are additional mandates for Category 1 and 3 industries as per the Government information sheets.

As a result of the Government mandate, AMS Technology Group Pty Ltd trading as AMS Installation & Maintenance Solutions requires that all subcontractors / suppliers and their employees engaged by AMS comply with the requirement to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and instruct that you do not attend sites on behalf of AMS unless you meet the COVID-19 compliance requirements.



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